-Rules and Format-

TIME: All races will take place on Mondays and will be between 150 to 250 miles. Happy Hour begins at 7:35pm EST and Qualifying will begin at 8:35pm EST. Trucks will grid at 8:45pm EST. (Unless otherwise stated)


CARS - The series will utilize the 2019 Silverado, 2019 F-150, and the 2019 Tundra. Up to 40 trucks will be able to start each race.

SETUPS - This series will alternate between open and fixed setups every week.

QUICK REPAIRS - There will be 1 quick repair for each race.

TIRE LIMITS - You will have a set amount of tires specified for each race. This info can be found on the Truck Schedule page.

RACE TIME - The day of the race on the sim will be the exact Monday we are racing on. (Unless otherwise stated). The time of day will be on the schedule.

WEATHER - The weather will be automatically generated, realistic with dynamic skies.

RESTARTS - The start of the race will be on the green flag. All restarts will be on the leader. You must restart within the specified restart zone. Restarts will be double file. The leader will have lane choice and must decide before entering turn 1 on the final pace lap. The apron or having your tires below the yellow or white lines will now be out of bounds before the start/ finish line. Make sure you are deliberate will your movements on restarts so you don't leave yourself open to a possible penalty for changing lanes. If you have to jump out of line to avoid a possible incident, race control will review and determine if that was necessary.

GWC's - There will be up to 3 Green/ White / Checkered finishes if needed.

WAVE AROUNDS - Wave arounds will be in effect along with the "Lucky Dog" rule.

CAUTIONS - Cautions will be thrown automatically and by race control. (Unless otherwise stated)

TRACK CONDITIONS - Track starting states will be automatically generated and carried over from each session.

QUALIFYING- Qualifying will be 2 laps in a 10 minute session that takes place after Happy Hour.

PIT ROAD: You must keep to the right down pit road (and sometimes left at certain road courses). You may race/ pass for position while on pit road but try to stay as far right as possible while doing so. You must enter single file under yellow flag pit stops. You may drive through a maximum of 3 pit stalls on entry and 3 pit stalls on exit of pit road to avoid hitting other cars when merging. You can move a car width to the left of the right lane 10 stalls before your own. You may even pull along side another car during this time as long as your front bumper does not pass their front bumper.


Additional to iRacing's penalties are as follows:


-Driving through more than 3 pit stalls. (caution)


-Driving through more than 3 pit stalls. (green flag)
Passing on a start or restart. (before start/finish line)
Illegal Lane Change on a start or restart. (before start/finish line). You may only pass or change lanes before the start/finish line to avoid an incident. (if race control believes your lane change was unnecessary then you will serve a penalty)
-Passing below the yellow line at Daytona or Talladega and you do not give the spot back right away.
-Polesitter jumps the initial start of the race. (must go on green)


-Passing below the yellow line at Daytona and Talladega within the last 3 laps of a race and you do not give the spot back right away.
-Pitting within 2 laps of a stage end.


-Causing 3 cautions within a race will result in being parked for the rest of the race.
Any Black Flag that isn't served within 3 laps will result in a Disqualification.



-Intentionally causing a wreck or caution.

STAGES: Each points paying race will consist of 3 stages. Drivers will not be allowed to pit within 2 laps of a stage end in the first 2 stages. Drivers will collect stage points for finishing in the top 10 with the winner getting 10 and 10th place getting 1. Stage winners will carry their points over into the Playoffs.

PLAYOFFS: The Chase field will consist of 10 drivers for the 7-race Chase. The 10 drivers are chosen primarily on wins during the "regular season", if fewer than 10 drivers win races, the remaining field is filled on the basis of regular season points. These drivers compete against each other while racing in the standard field of 40 trucks. The driver with the most points after the final 7 races is declared the champion.

The playoff system institutes three "cuts" where drivers are eliminated from title contention as the Chase progresses. In each cut the bottom four drivers are eliminated from title contention after the third race after a cut. After the first cut in what is called the "Round of 10", the field is reduced to 8. The bottom two winless drivers keep their points after the first cut, while the remaining 8 Chase drivers' points are reset to 3,000 points. Drivers who miss the second cut have their points reset to their score at the end of the first cut, plus the combined points accumulated in the three races in the "Round of 8." Those who continue have their points all reset to 4,000. Top four drivers will have their point totals reset to 5,000 so that they are tied for the final race at Phoenix for the title run. The drivers who miss the cut after this round have their score reset to the score at the end of the first cut, plus total points accumulated in the six previous races. Of these four drivers who make this cut, the driver with the best absolute finish (no bonus points are involved) at Phoenix is then crowned the season champion.

Under this system, any Chase driver who wins a race during a playoff round is automatically guaranteed a spot in the next round. Up to three drivers thus can advance to the next round of the Chase through race wins, regardless of their actual points position after the final (third) race in that round. The remaining drivers to advance is determined by points.

The Kevin Harvick Rule – Fifth Place

Fifth place in the season-ending standings will be determined amongst the Chase drivers eliminated in each of the Chase rounds during the final races.

First Round Elimination

Drivers eliminated in the first round will retain their Chase score (for example, a driver with one win during the season eliminated after scoring 75 points during the first round will score 2,080 points) and start the fourth race the same score after the first three races, and will accumulate points for the remainder of the season.

Missed the Second or Third Cut

Drivers eliminated in the second or third round will have their score reverted to the score at the end of the first round, then their individual race scores for the three (eliminated in the second round) or six races (eliminated in the third round), respectively, before their elimination from the championship contention will be combined with the score after the third race of the first round for the driver's total score.

For the Final Race

After ten races, the drivers positions 5–16 will be determined by the total number of points accumulated in the ten races (bonus points will apply), without the points resets of the second or third rounds, added to the driver's base Chase score with bonuses added. In the final race, unlike the four championship contenders who cannot score bonus points (the winner is determined by the driver who finished the best of those four), both non-playoff and playoff drivers eliminated from the championship are eligible to score all bonus points, so drivers who are contending for positions 5-16 will compete solely against each other.

POINTS: There are only steps of 1 point between 2nd and 36th, beginning with the winner getting 40, 2nd place getting 35. 36th place through 40th receive 1 point. The winner automatically receives 1 point bonus for leading the final lap. A driver receives 40 points at minimum for winning a race. If a driver leads the most laps, wins both stages and the race, they receive a maximum amount of 62 points.

The top 10 drivers at the end of the first two stages each race earn additional bonus points towards the championship, 10 points for the first place car down to 1 point for the 10th place car. At the end of the race, the normal championship point scheme is used to award points to the entire field. Additionally, "playoff points" are awarded during the regular season for winning stages, winning races, and finishing the regular season in the top 16 on the championship points standings. 1 playoff point for the winner of a stage, 5 playoff points plus an automatic berth into the round of 16 for the race winner. (In case there are more than 16 race winners in the season, then the top 16 in race wins move on). Also, more bonus points for Top-10 in points standings at the end of the regular season: 1st place in regular season points earns 15 playoff bonus points in addition to the points earned with race or stage wins; 2nd place earns 10 playoff points, 3rd place: 8, 4th place: 7, 5th place: 6, 6th place: 5, 7th place: 4, 8th place: 3, 9th place: 2, and 10th place: 1. Playoff points are also awarded in each playoff race, except the final race, for those drivers still competing for the championship, for winning stages and winning races. If a driver qualifies for the championship, these playoff points will be added into their point totals after the resets for the first 3 rounds (Round of 10, Round of 8). For the Round of 4, (final race) there are no bonus points involved and the highest finishing driver of the 4 is declared the champion. This means a driver can have less regular season points than another driver, but be seeded higher due to more wins.