About Us


The iRacing NASCAR league known as "National Sim Racing League" started out as the Monster Cup League in 2016 running mostly 100% distance races and at least 5 nights a week. There was the Monster Cup Series(Cup), Budweiser Series(Grand National), Winston Cup Series(Throwback Cup), IROC(Fixed Setups), and the Dash Series(Rookie Class). It was later renamed Old School League in 2019 and had multiple series as well with the Gen 3 Cup Series('87's), and 2 self-titled series (Old School Series) with one having the Gen 4 Grand National cars now known as ARCA cars and the other containing the 2013 Chevy SS and 2016 Ford Fusion. In 2021 we decided to go back to a current car being ran with current rules and it was renamed the National Sim Racing League.


Many members and drivers that have come through this iRacing NASCAR League have stated that it is the most organized, well put together, and overall best iRacing league that they have been a part of. The National Sim Racing League currently has 3 full-time series going with the NASCAR Cup, Grand National, and Truck Series. We put on an open dirt midget Chili Bowl event in 2022 and have plans to have a double header night with the Pro 4's opening at a variety of tracks throughout the season following with an international GT3 Series.