NSR Xfinity Series
-Rules and Format-

TIME:  All points races will take place on Saturdays and will be between 180-300 miles.  Final practice begins at 7:00pm EST and Qualifying will begin at 8pm EST.  Cars will grid at 8:10pm EST. (Unless otherwise stated)


CARS - The series will utilize the Xfinity series cars. Up to 38 cars will be able to start each race.

SETUPS - All races will be open setups.

QUICK REPAIRS - There will be no quick repairs for each race.

TIRE LIMITS - There will 5 additional sets of tires for each race.

FUEL - We will be using 100% of the fuel cell for each race.

RACE TIME - The day of the race on the sim will be the exact Saturday we are racing on. (Unless otherwise stated). The time of day will be on the schedule.

WEATHER - The weather will be automatically generated, realistic with dynamic skies.

RESTARTS - Restarts will be double file. The inital start will be on the flagman, all other restarts will be on the leader. The leader of the race is to begin accelerating inside the specified restart zone to resume the race. If they do not, the flagman controls the restart. The second place car may not be ahead of the leader at the moment of green flag, however either car on the front row may cross the start/finish line first. Passing is not permitted until the leader of the race crosses the start-finish line. Lane changes are also not permitted until after a car clears the finish line. The apron or having your tires below the yellow or white lines are out of bounds before the start/ finish line.  Make sure you are deliberate will your movements on restarts so you don't leave yourself open to a possible penalty for changing lanes.  If you have to jump out of line to avoid a possible incident, race control will review and determine if that was necessary.

GWC's - There will be up to 3 Green/ White / Checkered finishes if needed.

WAVE AROUNDS - Wave arounds will be in effect along with the "Lucky Dog" rule.

CAUTIONS - Cautions will be thrown automatically and by race control. (Unless otherwise stated)

TRACK CONDITIONS - Track starting states will be automatically generated and carried over from each session.

QUALIFYING -  Qualifying will be 1-2 laps in a 10 minute session that takes place after Happy Hour. Road courses will be an open 15 minute session.

STAGES -  There will be 3 stages every race with stage breaks on ovals only. Drivers will be awarded points by their finishing position at the end of the first two stages.

PIT ROAD:  You must keep to the right down pit road (and sometimes left at certain road courses).  You may race/ pass for position while on pit road but try to stay as far right as possible while doing so.  You must enter single file under yellow flag pit stops.  You may drive through a maximum of 3 pit stalls on entry and 3 pit stalls on exit of pit road to avoid hitting other cars when merging.  You can move a car width to the left of the right lane 10 stalls before your own.  You may even pull along side another car during this time as long as your front bumper does not pass their front bumper but be aware of where their pit stall is if you decide to do this. 


Additional to iRacing's penalties are as follows:


-Driving through more than 3 pit stalls. (under caution)


-Driving through more than 3 pit stalls. (green flag)
-Passing on a start or restart. (before start/finish line)
-Illegal Lane Change on a start or restart. (before start/finish line).  You may only pass or change lanes before the start/finish line to avoid an incident. (if race control believes your lane change was unnecessary then you will serve a penalty)
-Passing or forcing below the yellow line at Daytona or Talladega and you do not give the spot back right away.
-Polesitter jumps the initial start of the race. (must go on green)


     -Passing below the yellow line at Daytona and Talladega within the last 3 laps of a race and you do not give the spot back right away.   


-Any Black Flag that isn't served within 3 laps will result in a Disqualification.


     -Disobeying NSR requests and/ or protocols.

     -Verbal abuse to any member of NSR. 

     -Intentionally causing a wreck or caution.

     -Missed calls on rules.


The IPL (incidents per lap) system will be implemented in the NSR Xfinity Series. This IPL system will aim to encourage good racecraft and provide drivers with the opportunity to reduce their incident point average by consistently running clean laps.

Drivers are advised to check their IPL average on simracerhub.com or on the standings page of this website. 

The scoring system utilized on simracerhub is comprehensive, capturing nearly every aspect of a driver's performance in the NSR Xfinity Series. The primary objective for all drivers is to maintain an IPL average at or below the specified limit.

How the IPL System Operates:

Upon completing four races in a series, the IPL (Incidents per Lap) will be assessed, and penalties will be applied if the average exceeds the IPL limit. Drivers surpassing the series IPL limit after the 4th, 8th, and 12th races, will be required to start their next races from the pits 2 laps down until they bring their IPL average below 0.045. 

IPL (Incidents per Lap):

IPL Limit:

Race Withdrawals:

Probationary Period:

End of Season Reset:

All drivers are urged to regularly review their IPL average. It is the responsibility of each driver to be aware of and manage their IPL.

To View IPL Average:

PROTOCOLSIf and when you run out of fuel or blow an engine, you must get out of the racing groove, off of the racing surface, and get to the apron as soon as possible.  If there is no apron, get as far left as you can go on oval tracks.  Stay out of the racing groove on the road courses.  When coming to a stop, you must get as close to the inside wall as possible.  If you come to a stop on the racing surface where you can get to the apron or you come to a stop too close to the racing surface, you will be penalized.  If you come to a stop on the racing surface in a turn where there is no apron, you will be penalized.  Tow as soon as possible after coming to a complete stop.  If a caution or wreck is deemed intentional, it will also result in a penalty.

If you are under your own power, you must tow from your box on pit road. If you're out of fuel or have blown an engine, then see above. 

As a reminder, if you have tow set on your wheel and/or keyboard and for some reason they do not work, you can exit with your mouse on the top left of your screen.  Also, communicate with race control in case they have to pull you off the track because you cannot do so yourself.  Race control cannot see and does not know everything going on during a race. 

PLAYOFFS:  12 drivers, 3 rounds. 4 drivers will be eliminated in each round. Drivers must start in at least 5 of the 10 regular season races to be eligible for the playoffs. They must also make all 3 playoff races to be eligible for the championship.


Throughout the regular season, drivers earn playoff points to be used in the postseason. The playoff points procedure continues in the playoffs for drivers who remain in contention.

Ways drivers earn playoff points:
– Win Stage 1 or Stage 2 in a race: 1 playoff point (point awarded per stage win)

– Win a race: 5 playoff points

– Win the regular-season championship: 15 playoff points

Second place in the final regular-season standings earns 10 playoff points, third place receives eight points, and the points awarded decline to one point for 10th (fourth = seven points, fifth = six points, etc.).

Championship-contending drivers can accumulate additional playoff points throughout the playoffs via stage and race wins and may use all the playoff points they earn, from both the regular season and the playoffs, to advance all the way up to the Championship 4.

Playoff points are added to a championship-contending driver’s reset points total at the start of every round of the NASCAR Playoffs until they are eliminated from championship contention.

If a driver accumulates playoff points during the regular season but does not qualify for the playoffs, their playoff points are eliminated from the scoreboard.

In the championship race, playoff points are off the table and the Championship 4 drivers enter the “winner-take-all” race on equal ground.

Stage Points: